Age old classical Indian texts outline dance theories and methodologies as part of healing practices, and current neuroscience reflects the drastic impact it can have on how the brain responds to the external environment. We begin this film with a series of case studies that highlight the physical and mental challenges our subjects face. Next we shift the focus from the ailment to the therapy; showcasing the truly empowering and transformative power of Dance and movement. Dance and movement can help individuals realign feelings of disability, improve motor control, connect and share experiences, and improve social competence and expression within the greater community.

Overall, we aim to capture the novel and powerful effects of Dance and movement, and bring it from the fringes as an alternative therapy to one that is more regularly sought out.

Film maker

Babu Joseph Aryankalayil,

Babu is a graduate of the Film and TV Institute of India (FTII) Pune, where he studied cinematography, television production and technical operations. Over the next two decades, Babu served as the director of photography for several feature length films, and produced and directed documentaries and short films. In 1998, he transitioned to U.S. national and international news coverage, and over the next two decades built an illustrious career as a photojournalist that took him around the globe with Feature Story News, Al Jazeera Television, Associated Press (AP) and the U.S. International Broadcasting Corporation.